What are the best lines said by MS Dhoni ?

MS Dhoni was born on 7 July 1981. He is an integral part of Indian International Team from 2007.
He is regarded as one of the best finishers of the game. He is considered as one of the best wicketkeepers as well in world cricket.


He made his international debut in a one-day international match in December 2004 against Bangladesh and played his first Test a year later against Sri Lanka.

In his career span, MS Dhoni has received many awards. Some of them are -

   - ICC ODI Player of the Year (2008 and 2019)
   - Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award (2007)
   - Padma Shri (2009)
   - Padma Bhushan (2018)
   - Named captain of ICC World Test X| in 2009, 2010 and 2013
   - Selected Record 8 Times in ICC World ODI X| ( 5 Time as Captain) 
   - The only captain to win T20 Worldcup, 50 over WorldCup and Champions Trophy as well.
and this list continues.....!!!! 

MS Dhoni is one of the wittiest cricketers as well. He is always in news for some quote or another. His interviews are very famous as well.

Some of the best lines/ wittiest lines said by MS Dhoni are -

1. Just a week before WorldCup, Dhoni daughter named Ziva was born. He was asked if that was playing on his mind. And his reply was amazing. He said  - 

" No, I am on national Duty. Everything Else Can Wait"


2.  When halfway through the series, he was asked whether is beaten already.

" Till the time Full Stop doesn't come, the sentence is not complete "

3.   He is one of the most understanding India ever had. This reflects in his statements as well. One of them is - 

"You won't see Sreesanth bat like Don Bradman Just because he wants to bat like one"


4. He knows that not everybody is the same and he respects this as well.

" I Find Liquor has a Bitter Taste So I don't drink Alcohol but Understand that other people enjoy it"

5. False Promises. That's not what Dhoni does.

" I Tell My Wife That She Is The Only THIRD Important Thing After My Country and My Parents "

6.  Dhoni keeps his personal life separate.

" You Have The Right To Ask Me That. It's Your Prerogative. But I Have The Right To Answer Or Not "

7.  His love for Army and his country.

"I Focus On Cricket Because It's Something I am Good At. After Retiring, I Want To Serve In The Army, It Has Always Been About Serving The Nation"

8. When asked about defeats. He replied like a boss.

" When You Die You Die, You don't Think Which is the Better Way To Die "

9. What you think is what you reflect.

" Nobody has seen FORM. It's a State of Mind Where You are Confident and You Think Very Positively "

10. When he was asked what is left to win after winning T20 WorldCup, ODI Worldcup, and Champions Trophy.

" I Don't mind repeating things "

11. One of the time when he was rested due to some injury.

"If You Are Not 100 Percent Fit and Not At Your Best (And Still Play),  It's CHEATING"

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