Oneplus 7 may come in 3 Variants

After many speculations regarding the design and configuration, Team OnePlus is going to release its latest model in the coming month of May 2019. 

Expected date is 8th May 2019.

As OnePlus7 launch is nearing, more details are starting to appear online regarding the specifications, design, variants, etc.

We have combined leaks from various sources at one place so that you can get an idea of whether OnePlus7 can compete with the best smartphones in the market or not.

Price - Well, the price is still unknown till the release date but we can expect the device to cost more than $549 for the base model as the most recent handset from the firm - launched at $549 / £499 / AU$599 and prices have been gradually creeping up since the range began, so we’d expect the OnePlus 7 will cost at least that much if not more.

If you are waiting for a 5G Device, OnePlus has confirmed that they are working on a 5G variant of the phone but it's still hard to speculate whether we will be getting 5G support in OnePlus7 or not.

he company's CEO has said that its 5G handset will cost between $200 and $300 more than its next 4G deviceWe know the company is working on both a 5G and a 4G phone, but it's not clear whether the 5G phone is a variant or a completely different model. Either way, though you should be able to get a OnePlus 4G phone if you're not up for paying that much.

We know that OnePlus 7 will be full of new features lets keep the speculations going and speculate a few more.

1. A microSD Card Slot

You get a decent amount of storage in OnePlus7 but for some users, 256gb is not enough. So, to cater to there problem OnePlus7 may come with additional card support.

2. Water Resistance

waterproof one plus

Nowadays water resistance is one of the MVP features of the smartphone. While previous phones of OnePlus do have some water resistance but they lacked proper IP rating. We can expect water resistance with an IP rating in OnePlus7.

3. QHD Display

OnePlus Franchise always sticks with a Full HD screen, which isn’t a match for most of the top-end flagships.
They must have done this in order to keep the price down. But its high time now, they need to make the jump from Full HD screens to OHD Display.

4. Remove The Notch

#removethenotch, as the hashtag, suggest the notch should be removed. If we trust the leaks then this is already done. So we are going to get a better watching experience.

5. Wireless Charging

6. In - Screen Camera

7. Dual Speaker

8. Different Variants

According to the Twitter tipster, Ishan Agrawal, the Chinese firm is gearing up to show off the OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, the latter arriving at the firm's long-rumored debut 5G smartphone. The leak doesn't tell us much else about the devices, but a leaked screenshot accompanying the tweet - first shared earlier this week - suggests the OnePlus 7 Pro variants will pack a Snapdragon X55 chipset, equipping the phone with 5G support thanks to Qualcomm's built-in X50 modem.

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