What are the most interesting 18+ facts that you know and I don't, but I should?

It’s the lesser-known facts that can not only make you smarter but can also improve your conversation skills and make you an interesting person. Some of these facts are  - 

1. Whitehouse.com

Yes, you read it right www.whitehouse.com was a porn site until 2014 resulting
 in many schoolchildren in the late 1990s accidentally seeing adult content via the website

2. Mature, Teen and Milf are the most frequently searched porn terms on the internet.

3. Sex school and yes I am not kidding !!

The Austrian International Sex School is the world's second school of applied sexuality. The school was said to be situated a half an hour drive from Vienna, Austria in an 18th-century mansion, with Ylva Maria Thompson as the founder and headmistress of the school.

4. Next Generation Condoms

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is offering a $100,000 grant to anyone who can develop what's being called the next generation of condom. The aim is to help curb unwanted pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted infections around the world.

5. Porn industry makes over $3000/second.

Every second the online porn industry makes over $3000. That's some serious amount of money.

6. North Korea and Porn don't go hand in hand.

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