Top 5 Memes of the Week (17 March - 24 March)

Hello meme lovers, we are back.
Welcome to the second episode of Top 5 Memes of the week. So, hold yourself tight because you are in for a treat again as we celebrated Holi this week and Holi brings a lot of memes with it.

1. Modern Problems, Modern Solutions

2. Emiway ft. Bhandya (Bhot Hard)

3.  Holi Hai ...!!!!!

4. Jo pados ki laundiya pata le wo Pandit !!

5. When you get into a caption this competition and own everyone !

6. Bonus - Because IPL season has just started !!

That's all folks for this week. We will be back next week with more awesome memes for you. Till then share this as much as you can and follow us on 

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